Camp Green Workout

March 26, 2015


15 minutes of cardio
5 min of rower
5 minutes of working on jumprope
5 minutes jogging


Do as many of the following as you can in 20 minutes:
20 pushups
30 situps
40 squats

Cool down with a 400m light jog and 15 minutes of stretching

Movement videos:

Air Squats
Push Ups

--- CPT Erin Johnson, Physical Therapist

Pumpkin Pie Blaster

November 10, 2014


Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM): For an EMOM workout, you will start with the movements below and complete them once. You will then rest the remainder of the minute and not complete them again until the start of the next minute. For example, with an EMOM of 10, you will do these movements on the minute for 10 minutes. Work very hard during the work portion and rest hard during the rest portion.

The Workout:

This workout involves complex movements that have a functional capacity to them. Often during the day we take household objects, boxes, etc and have to lift them from the ground to somewhere higher than shoulder height. These techniques teach proper form and muscle memory to protect the back, shoulder and knees from injury. The weight in the workout can be anything from a dumbbell, a kettlebell, a barbell or another object you have at home with around the same amount of weight to it.


10 minutes of bike, rower, run or combination
15 Air squats to open up the hips
Paleo Chair (Sit at the bottom of a squat and apply pressure with elbows to the insides of the knees, pushing them out and feeling a stretch) 3x20sec
10 pushups or pullups
Arm circles all directions to loosen the shoulder joint
Other stretches as needed

EMOM 20:

10 Ground to Overhead (35 pounds)
5 pushups


Stretch at least 15 minutes
Run, row, bike at least 5 minutes

Added challenges:

Increase the weight
Perform pushups as hand-release pushups (chest rests on the ground as the hands come up off the floor once before pushing back up)
Advanced: handstand pushups

Movement videos:

Air Squats
Push Ups
Push Press

--- CPT Erin Johnson, 2ABCT Physical Therapist

Summer Countdown 2

May 9, 2014 Let’s continue our 3 T’ s Workout: tummy, thighs, and triceps by focusing on quadriceps, hamstrings and calves! Now that the spring weather is beginning to pass and summer is creeping in, we have to start breaking out the shorts and swimsuits. It’s time to tone and tighten our lower half with two workouts that are guaranteed to make heads turn!
Remember as the countdown continues to concentrate on a clean and healthy diet. All I can say is portion control! Try to stop eating just before you get that “full” feeling. Our eyes are always bigger than our stomachs and with summer around the corner, I know we all wish to keep it that way! The other part is exercise, so I would like to encourage you to join the Summer Countdown two-month exercise program to create a healthy and well-rounded lifestyle as we approach the warm summer season.
This is a great time to take a look at the past two weeks and record your progress thus far. Are you making the right decisions? Have you seen progress with your muscle tone? How is your caloric intake? Are the calories “good” or “not so good?” It is also time to adjust your intensity level up or down depending on the results you wish to see by our June 21 deadline, the first day of summer! Now for the two workouts…

Summer Countdown Circuit 2:

Intensity: Moderate to Heavy

Warm Up: Approximately 10 minutes (Same as Circuit 1)
Walk or run for a 5:00 minute light to moderate cardiovascular warm up*
10 Small Arm Circles to the front, then repeat with 10 Large
10 Small Arm Circles to the back, then repeat with 10 Large
20 Jumping Jacks
20 Air Squats
20 High Knees

*If you wish to increase your cardio at this stage in the countdown, then I encourage you to do so! To get the most out of your cardiovascular training and see the best weight loss results you should walk at an incline with a moderate speed (the stair stepper may also be used). This type of training should be completed after you lift weights as you will have used up your reserve sugars and will begin to burn fat! Fat is the best source of energy and the body will easily break it down after an intense toning session. I recommend starting off with 20 minutes of cardio and build up from there!

Leg Workout 1: Quadriceps and Calves

Reference: Beginner 3 sets of 8 reps, Advanced 5 sets of 12 reps
Barbell Squat
Sets: 5-8
Reps 8-12

Remainder of Workout
Sets: 3-5
Reps: 8-12

Dumbbell Lunges
Leg Extensions
Barbell Step Up: Anterior Load
Donkey Calf Raise (I like to use a weighted vest or a calf raise smith machine)
Seated Calf Raise( Extra Burn: At the end of each regular set do small pulses up and down for 8-12 extra reps before resting.)

Cardio Circuit to Finish the Workout
Pyramid: 15-10-5-5-10-15 each exercise

Tuck Jumps
Mountain Climber

It is important to allow your body to heal with built in rest days. Make sure you take 2-3 days off from the first leg workout before doing the second leg workout. This is a great time to go back to the first Summer Countdown workouts that concentrate on triceps and abs!

Leg Workout 2: Hamstrings and Low Back
Beginner 3 sets of 8 reps, Advanced 5 sets of 12 reps

Straight Leg Deadlift
Sets: 5-8
Reps 8-12

Remainder of Workout:
Sets: 3-5
Reps: 8-12

Leg Curl
Glute Bridge
Leg Press
Back Hyperextensions
Glute Bridge Raise
Donkey Kick

Cardio Circuit to Finish the Workout
Pyramid: 15-10-5-5-10-15 each exercise

Kettle Bell Swings
Sumo Squat (Add kettle bell, weighted vest, or go up to your toes each rep to get an additional calf workout)
Lower Ab Leg Raises (slow)

I hope you have seen some great results in your triceps and abs from the previous weeks. As the countdown continues stay motivated and focus on the task at hand and you will see results. Remember to stay hydrated and eat a healthy meal after your workout! Keep pushing harder!

--- Melinda Matherly, Collegiate Fitness Manager, AFAA Certified Instructor

Summer Countdown

April 21, 2014As the saying goes, “suns out, guns out.” The weather is beginning to warm up and the fear of attending social events with a few extra inches is unimaginable. Summertime is one of the busiest times of the year with weddings, vacations, holidays, and many outdoor activities. During this beautiful time of year you should be focused on the experience at hand and the people that surround you, not the way your clothes are fitting. Most of the questions I have received this month involve one of these three areas: tummy, thighs, and triceps. Many of us acquire extra adipose tissue in these regions over the winter months. However, most become desperate to shed the extra flab before swimsuit season comes back around. As easy as it is to gain the extra inches, it does take twice the effort and time to acquire the ideal physique again. Part of the process is concentrating on a clean and healthy diet and maintaining the correct portion size for your body type. The other part is exercise, so I would like to encourage you to join the Summer Countdown two-month exercise program to create a healthy and well-rounded lifestyle as we approach the warm summer season.

The two-month program will begin Monday, April 21, 2014 and end just as the first day of summer comes back around Saturday, June 21, 2014. We will use the opening summer holiday, Memorial Day, Monday, May 26, 2014 as our halfway point to gauge our current goals.

Let’s focus on the three hardest areas to lose fatty tissue as mentioned above: tummy, thighs, and triceps. This week we will begin with a tricep circuit and ab circuit. Try to implement this routine twice a week, say Tuesday and Thursday to stick with the three T’s trend. Also, remember that weight training burns more calories after you have completed the workout, unlike cardio that only burns while you are doing it.

Summer Countdown Circuit 1:

Intensity: Moderate to Heavy

Warm Up: Approximately 10 minutes
Walk or run for a 5:00 minute light to moderate cardiovascular warm up
10 Small Arm Circles to the front, then repeat with 10 Large
10 Small Arm Circles to the back, then repeat with 10 Large
20 Jumping Jacks
20 Air Squats
20 High Knees

Workout Part 1: Isolated Tricep Strengthening
*Reference: Beginner 3 sets of 8 reps; Advanced 5 sets of 12 reps
Sets: 3-5
Reps: 8-12

1. Tricep Dumbbell Kickback
2. Superset (Complete these two exercises back to back as one round)
* Straight Arm Pulldown
* Reverse Grip Tricep Pushdown
3. Skull Crusher
4. One Arm Tricep Extension (or Two Arm depending on comfort level)
5. Dips (Note, these can be completed with a bench or ball.)

Workout Part 2: Abdominal Strengthening on the Ball
Pyramid: 20-15-10-5-5-10-15-20
A total of 100 reps of for each exercise! You can do it!

1. Reverse Crunch
2. Reverse Jackknife
3. Roll-out

Remember to stay hydrated and eat a healthy meal after your workout! Each week we will build on this Summer Countdown workout. Make this year an improvement from last year and keep pushing harder! Many of these routines can be tweaked for any lifestyle and I look forward to taking any questions you may have.

--- Melinda Matherly, Collegiate Fitness Manager, AFAA Certified Instructor

Mile Cut-Down

April 14, 2014 Warm up with at least 10 minutes of dynamic stretching (you can search online for “dynamic stretching” or for any of the following for some great ideas: inchworm, pigeon pose, downward dog, air squats, lunges). Make sure your warm-up includes some light jogging, side shuffling, etc. for at least a few reps of 50 meters. Then make sure you're comfortable with where you're going to stop for each of the distances below whether you're using a track, neighborhood, treadmill. This way you can make sure your rest is spent fully resting.

Run one mile at 80% of your max effort
Rest 2-4 minutes
Run 1200m at 85% of your max effort
Rest 2-4 minutes
Run 800m at 90% of your max effort
Rest 2-4 minutes
Run 400m at 95% of your max effort
Rest 2-4 minutes
Run 200m at 100% of your max effort

Wait and walk around/cool down for at least 5 minutes. Then spend at least 10 minutes stretching your hips (hamstring, thigh, glutes), calf muscles, shoulders. Feel free to add some core work/planks after the workout and make sure to drink plenty of water!!!

--- CPT Erin Johnson, 2ABCT Physical Therapist

Handstand Dreamin'

April 7, 2014Skillwork: if we don't take the time to work on it, we never improve. Leaving some time to work on a new skill may not be a very intense workout but it'll help you continue to go after those big goals. The handstand is a very difficult movement that requires shoulder stability, core and hip stability, and overall body awareness. It’s great for all aspects of life. Check out this great Handstand Video where CrossFit Games athlete Camille LeBlanc Bazinet walks you through how to work on this movement.


6 rounds of:
200 meter run or 400 meter row
5 jumping squats
10 KB/ med ball/bar hang clean
15 Situps

(Scale up version: 10/15/20 rep scheme)

Cool Down:

Work on pullups
Foam roller
Hip stretches

--- CPT Erin Johnson, 2ABCT Physical Therapist


March 31, 2014 A workout trend that has been capturing fitness facilities’ attention over the past few years is TRX: Suspension Training. Although Randy Hetrick founded TRX in 2004, recently many more fitness facilities have been installing the TRX fitness trainer. As a fitness instructor, I look for tools in the gym that bring together balance, agility, and strength. I teach multiple TRX group fitness classes a week and I love introducing students to suspension training. This creative workout can be used anywhere and helps eliminate the hassle of fighting for an open machine at the gym. One of the workouts I created for the students involves 3 circuits of 2 rounds. This TRX workout is designed to allow each individual to increase their heart rate while achieving as many reps as possible.

Example Warm-up:

Warm Up In Place – Always make sure your warm-up involves some light cardio and dynamic stretching to warm up the muscles.

Light Jog
High Knees
Glute Kicks
Jumping Jacks


Perform exercise: 45 seconds
Rest: 15 seconds
3 rounds, repeat each round twice

*Advanced - if you are advanced, try to increase your time to 1 minute and/or performing each round 3 times.

* Beginner - if you are a beginner try to perform one round first then check your heart rate and breathing. Always listen to your body. It will let you know if you need stop or if you can give that extra push for round two.

Round 1 – Full Body Strength Circuit
Bicep Curl
Cannon Squat
Single Leg Squat

Round 2 – Cardio Strength Circuit
Chest Press
Sprinter Skip
Deltoid Fly
Frog Hop

Round 3 – Core Circuit
Oblique Crunch
Hamstring Curl
Kneeling Roll Out

Cool Down:

Incorporating adequate stretching (up to 10 minutes) will help decrease soreness the following day and help your body recover. Many people like to use a foam roller after an intense workout to decrease lactic acid build up.

It’s important to be in touch with your body while performing circuits. The TRX Suspension system is designed to increase or decrease the intensity by increasing or decreasing your body angle with the ground. In the beginning it is better to maintain correct form while doing the workout and gradually increase the intensity over several weeks.

Fig. 1 TRX Suspension Exercise Intensity (Image courtesy of TRX Training. More information may be found at Remember that a healthy mind, body, and spirit do not happen over night. Keep pursuing your fitness goals and your health will continue to improve every step of the way!

--- Melinda Matherly, Collegiate Fitness Manager, AFAA Certified Instructor

Partner up for Pain

March 24, 2014Warmup with a lot of hip opening stretches (pigeon pose, hamstring stretch, downward dog) and at least a 400 meter jog. Warm up the movements by sitting down in the bottom of an air squat and letting the hips get that full range of motion.

The Countdown:

60 Air Squats with or without a med ball
60 Russian Twists with or without a med ball
200 Meter Run
50 Air Squats
50 Russian Twists
200 Meter Run
40 Air Squats
40 Russian Twists
200 Meter Run
30 Air Squats
30 Russian Twists

To make it a little more fun, grab a partner and do the workout together. For each round, you both complete the number of reps assigned but you can break them up and trade off in any way you want. For the run, complete a 200 meter run together or do a 100 buddy carry (piggy back) instead!

If you need to scale this to a more beginner level, complete a 40, 30, 20, 10 rep scheme instead.

--- CPT Erin Johnson, 2ABCT Physical Therapist

Cardio Sprint Pyramid

March 4, 2014 The goal of interval training with any type of cardio exercise (row, bike, run, swim) is to challenge the body in different ways, shocking the system. It acts almost like strength training for the heart muscle while forcing the body to adapt, build lean muscle mass and increase its oxygen efficiency. These types of workouts are where you'll see the biggest gains in decreasing run times and decreasing muscle fatigue.

Try this workout as an example of cardio intervals. It's fast and fun. After each burst of hard work, you'll recover the same amount of time so you work hard and then rest hard (control your breathing, slow your heart rate).

How to do it:

Warm up for 15 minutes, adding a few 20 second bursts at the end to prepare the body for the workout.

Run, bike or row: During the work portions, you should have a rate of perceived exertion of 8-10, meaning you definitely cannot have a conversation and you're giving 85-100% of your max effort. During recover portions, make sure to keep moving as it's an active recovery but your exertion should be very low.

Build your workout like this:

30 second sprint/30 second recover
1 minute sprint/1 minute recover
2 minute sprint/2 minute recover
4 minute sprint/4 minute recover
2 minute sprint/2 minute recover
1 minute sprint/1 minute recover
Finish with a 10 minute cool down at least.

Have fun!!

--- CPT Erin Johnson, 2ABCT Physical Therapist

Another Great EMOM!

February 25, 2014Into the world of body-weight EMOM. EMOM stands for Every Minute on the Minute. It's designed so that your body can learn how to work hard and reset hard. At the start of every minute, complete the list of exercises below and then rest the remainder of the minute. You should work as hard as you can when the minute starts and then work to control your breathing and calm down your heart rate when you're resting. This carries over into life in a multitude of ways with running, daily stress, and relaxation strategies. Today is a bodyweight variety with substitutions if you want to use weights:

EMOM 15 (Every minute on the minute for 15 minutes)
5 Pushups
5 Situps
5 Squats

If you'd like to use weight, substitute:
5 kettle bell swings
5 pull-ups
5 goblet squats

Control your breathing and learn how your body responds to getting tired! Be sure to warm-up and cool down properly utilizing stretching seen in earlier workouts.

---CPT Erin Johnson, 2ABCT Physical Therapist

Deck Workout

February 19, 2014Here's a workout for when you feel creativity lacking. All you need is a deck of cards and it tells you what to do after that! No need to plan ahead on those days when the brain power seems to get sapped dry.

Hit the Deck

For time, complete the following using a shuffled deck of cards:

Spades = Squats

Hearts = Burpees

Diamonds = Pushups

Clubs = Situps

For example, the 8 of clubs would be 8 situps, 6 of hearts would be 6 burpees, etc.

Face cards are worth 10 reps and Aces are 11

Split the deck with a friend and gamble for who gets the Aces or take them all on yourself.

Be sure to warmup and cool down properly, stretch the hips and shoulders well. Try these for great shoulder and hip openers. Three sets of 20-30 second holds each:

--- ---CPT Erin Johnson, 2ABCT Physical Therapist

Valentine's Vinyasa

February 10, 2014Valentine’s Day is all about love - being able to give it and also to receive it. But between past hurts, horrible relationships, and stress at work and home, it is often difficult to be open to giving and receiving love. This week, we’ll be focusing on heart-opening yoga poses that will have you feeling calm, energized, and open to whatever this week has to bring you.

Bridge Pose (or Half-Wheel)

This pose is great for opening your chest, creating spinal flexibility, and stretching your shoulders and neck. This seemingly simple pose will have you feeling calm and energized at the same time (and works wonders for your back-side).

Begin lying flat on your back with your arms along the side of your body, palms facing down.

Bend your knees, placing your feet flat on the floor, and get your heels as close to your rear as possible. Make sure your feet are parallel to the edges of your mat.

With your palms and feet pressing into the ground, lift your hips up. Be sure to keep your knees about two fist-lengths apart.

For an added bonus, roll your shoulders under you and clasp your hands together directly underneath you.

Try to stay in this pose for five breaths, breathing deeply in through your nose and out through your nose.

Come out of the pose by moving your shoulders back to their normal position and slowly lowering your rear back to the ground. Repeat several times if your body feels up to it.

When you’re finished, hug your knees to your chest and rock gently from side to side to stretch your lower back.

For advanced yogis, gymnasts, and the uber-flexible try Wheel Pose instead!

Bow Pose

This pose is great for stretching the chest, abdomen, and quads and also enhances spinal flexibility.

Begin this pose by lying flat on your stomach. Bend your knees and grab hold of the outside edge of your ankles.

Once you have a firm grip on your ankles, try to keep your toes together and either point or flex your feet. Make sure you keep your knees about hip distance apart.

Lift your feet as high as feels comfortable and lift your weight forward so you’re balanced on your naval instead of your pubic bone. Gaze forward softly and pull your shoulders away from your ears.

Hold for five breaths, breathing deeply in through the nose and out through the nose.

Come out of this pose by releasing your ankles and move slowly back to lying on your stomach.

Upward Facing Dog

The Upward Facing Dog (or Up Dog) move is one of the classics of many styles of yoga and is great for strengthening the wrists, arms, and lower back. If you have wrist or lower back injuries, are pregnant, or are looking for an easier move, try Cobra Pose instead.

Begin this pose lying flat on your stomach, with your arms at your side.

Place your hands flat on the floor, directly below your shoulders. Breathe in and as you exhale, push yourself up until your elbows are straight.

The only parts of your body that should be touching the mat are your palms and the tops of your feet. Keep your gaze soft and forward.

Hold for five breaths, breathing deeply in through the nose and out through the nose.

Come out of this pose by lowering yourself slowly to the floor.

---Melissa Reams, Division Health Promotion

Stairway Workout

January 31, 2014Here is a workout that can be done with minimal equipment and time but will leave you feeling like you just ran a marathon.


30 seconds of squats, followed by 2 light stair runs at around 70% intensity


To do this workout all you need is to find a stairwell with three flights minimum, five is ideal (or about 50 steps). Sprint up as fast as you can. Do fifteen sit-ups. Walk down the stairs. Do fifteen pushups with your feet elevated. Rest for half a minute to a minute. Repeat six times.

Complete six cycles for time:
Stair Sprint
15 Sit-ups
15 Feet-Elevated Pushups

A few things to remember:

Do a few test runs on the stairs before going all out. Get a feel for the steps and figure out if you’re going to skip steps or hit each one while sprinting.

Try exploding upward during the pushups so that your torso becomes perfectly parallel with the ground. Throw a clap in there if you like.

--- Sarah Lopez, Division Health Promotion

Cindy's Ugly Cousin

January 13, 2014Getting to know how you stack up against yourself over time is one of the most important elements of any fitness program. You need to be able to track your progress to determine how a program needs to change, what you need to work on, etc. CrossFit does this by having their own benchmark workouts. "The Girls" as they're called are workouts that are standard so you can compare yourself to your own best and to others around the country and world. Today's workout is a spin-off of the benchmark WOD Cindy. Try it today and then in 2 months, come back and try to beat your own score.


Max rounds in 21 minutes

7x Pull-ups

14x Push-ups

21x Double-unders (How to do them here)

If you're not a stellar jump-roper, maybe you won’t be doing double-unders today but continue to work on them and write down how the workout went. Have a goal that when you re-test this workout, you'll be able to do it as it's written! Be sure to get a full warm up and cool down.

---CPT Erin Johnson, 2ABCT Physical Therapist

Workout of the Week - Tabata Style

January 8, 2014Welcome back from the holidays and back to New Years resolutions. Time to find those challenges that you can keep for the whole year. One great way to do that is to include workouts that don't require ANY equipment or thought. Talking about "tabata." The word tabata just refers to the structure of the workout and then you can do any exercise you want. It's simple: perform an exercise for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds rest and repeat for 4 minutes. This totals 8 rounds of work. You can tabata anything you want (running, rowing, jumprope, pushups, you name it) as long as you follow that timing structure and you're guaranteed a quality workout. Make sure to get a good warmup and then complete the workout below for great lower body strengthening and toning.


Tabata squats and lunges:

First 20 seconds, complete as many squats as possible in the time allowed.
10 seconds rest.
Second 20 seconds, complete as many alternating lunges as possible in the time allowed.
10 seconds rest.
Repeat for 4 minutes.
You'll complete 4 rounds of each exercise.

Cool Down:

Tabata row at comfortable pace, stretch and foam roller as needed.

Make sure to pay attention to your body and know when to push harder and when to slow the pace. If your body is saying to rest, take a quick smart break and get back into it. During the 10 second rest periods, rest HARD (slow your heart rate, take good deep breaths, and teach the body how to recover quickly).

---CPT Erin Johnson, 2ABCT Physical Therapist

Christmas Week Workout

December 24, 2013


1) 5-10 minutes of running, rowing, biking or elliptical
2) 15 squats, 10 pushups, 5 mountain climbers
3) stretch your hips and shoulders (try the following and search online if needed: pigeon pose, paleo chair, pass-throughs)


You will need a medicine ball, sandbag or something that's safe to slam on the ground (a small duffel bag with soft things in it to add weight works well)
4 rounds of the following for time:

10 Ball slams
10 Box jumps
10 Overhead walking lunges (alternating legs, hold medicine ball overhead)
10 burpees


Box Jump
Ball Slam
Overhead Walking Lunges

Cool down!!!
Stretch the shoulders and hips, use a foam roller for any muscle that feels tired, and get some gentle cardio.

---CPT Erin Johnson, 2ABCT Physical Therapist

Winter Wonderland WoW

December 16, 2013


Cardio x10min of your choosing (rower, bike, elliptical, swim). Foam roller to the quads if there's one available and if not, stretch the front of the hips and the outside of the hips (see videos). Twenty squats to loosen the hips.

This workout is designed so that you perform 15 of EACH motion and then start back at the top with 12 of each motion and so on until you've worked down the ladder. Perform them all as quickly as possible with smart rest breaks as needed.

Evil Ab Wheel
Squat jump
Dumbbell row

If you don't have access to a pull-up bar, you can do an overhead press with weights or handstand on a wall.

When performing the squat jump, be sure to land softly and return as quickly as you can back to proper squat form by landing on your toes and quickly shifting back into your heels for the squat.

Movement videos:

Squat Jump (Don’t use the bar)
Hip Stretch
Evil Ab Wheel
Dumbbell Row


--- CPT Erin Johnson, 2ABCT Physical Therapist

Workout of the Week

December 9, 2013


Be sure to warm-up and cool down properly with this workout. At least ten minutes of a warm-up including cardio, something to open up the hips and shoulders (squats, pushups, pull-ups, stretches) and get the blood pumping. Afterward, cool down with a light cardio and STRETCHING!!

The workout is a fast one. You'll be moving as quickly as you can safely to perform the movements. Choose a weight that feels pretty easy at first and practice them as part of your warm-up because it will soon get heavy and the most important part is that you don't sacrifice form for speed.

As Many Rounds as Possible (AMRAP) in 12 minutes of:

7x Kettlebell snatch (substitute: use a dumbbell or other weight)
7x Ball Slam
7x sit-ups
(7 snatches, 7 ball slams and 7 sit-ups = one round)

Movement videos:

This video uses a barbell but the snatch is a movement from the ground to overhead position with any weight. At the top of the movement when the weight is overhead, be sure to keep your core and shoulder tight. Snatch

Most gyms will have a medicine ball or other weight bag. If needed, you can use a duffel bag filled with towels at home or something else safe to throw at the ground. Ball Slam


--- CPT Erin Johnson, 2ABCT Physical Therapist

Post-Holiday Interval Workout

December 2, 2013
Let's get into a nice endurance sprint/recovery workout for right after the holiday. No excuses on this one because all you need is a rower or a bike. And if you're feeling a little heavy loaded from Thanksgiving, interval work is the best burn for your buck!

5 rounds of the following bike or row interval (if you want to keep score, use total distance):

10:10 (meaning 10 seconds as hard as you can go, 10 seconds recovery)

Here's to getting the week started right!!

--- CPT Erin Johnson, 2ABCT Physical Therapist

Marne Week Wrap-Up Workout

November 21, 2013


Do three rounds of the following:
Run 400m
20 pullups
20 pushups
20 burpees
20 squats
20 walking lunges

Movement videos:

Walking Lunges

--- CPT Erin Johnson, 2ABCT Physical Therapist

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